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Pre - Wedding Meetings and Photos


It’s so important to get to know my clients before their big day. Wherever possible, three or four weeks before the wedding, we meet up to run through all the plans for the day - timings, locations, guests, meal times, special moments, plans A & B . . . .

On many occasions I bring the camera and shoot some informal images, something that breaks the ice. It’s often an opportunity for me to help the couple feel more relaxed in front of the camera, to try out some ideas ahead of the big day and capture something personal.

We either meet at a favourite location, or the venue - somewhere that holds special memories of moments past, or moments yet to come.

Asking people I barely know to hold one another, to look into each others eyes, to witness their connection, it’s a privileged position.

Sometimes we start with a few embarrassed laughs, a few awkward moments, then, after a while, after we relax and feel more comfortable, it often leads to the capturing of real emotion - the connection between them.


Pre - Wedding Gallery

Take a look at the selection of images, I hope you get a sense of how the pre -  wedding photos and detailed planning translate to the day itself - I hope it leads to the bride and groom feeling relaxed and being themselves during the day and the few moments we have alone together - leading to me capturing something that will help them re-live those emotions for year to come.